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Brand new Update! ShopTxtr text editor now available! Create faster and more intuitive texts from now on

Sell More. Grow Faster.

The fastest way to create unique ShopTexts.
Scale from 1,6 Ct Cent per text (not per word) – marginal costs against 0 EUR


With ShopTxtr anyone can automatically create texts from data. Focus on what’s really important: Contents, language style, formulation. The rest is done by our software.


ShopTxtr is designed to work intelligently and efficiently. You know Excel? Perfect. Perfect. Hardly any training is necessary and you can work with ShopTxtr. All you need is data and content to scale your text creation.


No data theft. No cloud or external software. Just your PC, Excel and a cup of coffee. Store your data locally on the computer. Your data is available around the clock.

use cases

ShopTxtr saves you time and money

  • Review Article

    hochwertige Inhalte automatisch erstellt.

    With ShopTxtr you can create high-quality and varied texts. This is fast and so easy that whole portals can be created in a few days. Also niche sites are practically finished after one day. No tool on the market generates so much added value at such a high speed.

  • product descriptions

    auf das Wesentliche konzentrieren.

    Online shops can create thousands of product descriptions in just a few minutes and fill their shop with them. For this purpose, the shops import the manufacturer data and enrich it with additional data fields. The evaluation form helps to create extensive and rich texts.

  • copywriters

    der nächste Großauftrag kann kommen.

    With ShopTxtr you can create high-quality content. You’re good with language and that’s what your customers love about you. Now you can process large orders in a few days (or one day) and surprise your customers. You can do more, earn more and have time for the things in life that are most important to you.

  • financial reports

    inhaltlich reiche Reportings für Stakeholder.

    With ShopTxtr, companies can automate their financial reporting and automatically generate reports without sacrificing their significance.

  • weather data

    hochwertige Texte aus statistischen Daten.

    Weather services and news agencies can use Shoptxtr to create meaningful weather reports. ShopTxtr is also suitable for reporting sales figures and unemployment figures. Short ShopTxtr is suitable for all types of text that can be created from data.

  • match reports

    erstelle spannende Berichte.

    A game day comes to an end. Appealing game reports, which are not repeated and of high quality, can be created quickly and easily with ShopTxtr.

ShopTxtr helps you gain time.

by automating the text work to a large extent.

Key Features

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ShopTxtr Texting Tool

Automated Content Creation

From 0.00 per license

No external programs necessary. Just Excel.
Immediately usable. Download. Activation. Get started.
Automatic text creation with Excel.
Saves hundreds of hours of work.
Data is safe. You save locally.
No follow-up costs. Buy only once.
Scalable, thanks to unique performance.

In Action

ShopTxtr is an easy to use tool. Highly complex algorithms and techniques in the background help you to create texts from data. Get to know the whole process and increase your productivity by 1000%.


what our customers say.

ShopTxtr is perfect for my business. I was able to complete my complete listing in a week and quickly enlarge my shop.

Sebastian B.CEOhttps://

I was able to create an inventory of 25,000 products for my client. The texts are unique and of high quality. The pace is fast.

Sandra F.Designerhttps://

Our Mission

We are ShopTxtr. We help entrepreneurs bring great work to the world.

We support entrepreneurs and creative people with high-quality software so that they can work productively and carry their best work into the world.

ShopTxtr is your competitive advantage

ShopTxtr offers with its logic a suitable counterpart to the Cloud.
Thousands of texts can be written, created and imported quickly and efficiently.
ShopTxtr integrates perfectly with your workflow and is more than just a text help.
ShopTxtr is your competitive advantage, saving you hundreds of hours of work.
Plus, your data is always available because it’s stored locally.

ShopTxtr means…


ShopTxtr is ideal for various product descriptions. Through the use of placeholders an infinite number of variants are possible. Don’t give Duplicate Content a chance!


You have maximum content control, can automatically create an infinite number of texts, thus increasing the quality of your shop and the best: There are no follow-up costs.


The tool allows you to create texts from data. Make something of it: whether products for the Shop, whether councillor articles for niche side or reports. Everything is possible.


No extra purchase is necessary if you have Excel on your computer. You only need a little knowledge. The application is easy and comprehensible.

No risk

You can test and try ShopTxtr for 7 days in peace. Multiply your productivity and increase your conversion, growth and satisfaction.


ShopTxtr automatically creates thousands of texts in just a few minutes. The simple import function allows products to be quickly switched live.

Why ShopTxtr?

and how ShopTxtr helped us.

We developed ShopTxtr for our own project. We wanted to create product descriptions for our shop efficiently and quickly. 800 products per category should be created and we are almost crazy. After the 30th of the same product it is very difficult not to repeat.

So we needed about 30 minutes for the products with 2.000 words incl. technical description, creation and import into the shop.

With ShopTxtr we have developed a tool that helps us in a simple way. Even if the algorithms are highly complex. This allowed us to optimize the process: On 11 hours we finished the whole work. The Texts got only 9% duplicate content. Excellent values.

How was it before ShopTxtr?

Before we calculated 400 hours for the same work. In addition, the variety of variants left something to be desired, so that the proportion of duplicate content was 60%. Wtf. This damages the site, the ranking and thus the turnover. A clever solution had to be found.

We found nothing on the market and simply developed it ourselves.

That brings ShopTxtr?

ShopTxtr saves you hundreds of hours of work. In our example, it saved us a total of 389 hours! That is a saving of 99.97%. Or 2 months of work.

Can you achieve the same?

Test the tool and you will achieve similar results. No empty promises! Made and tested in practice, by practitioners and now intended for practitioners.

ShopTxtr is your time saver.

Texts from data.

With ShopTxtr, anyone can automatically create text from data.
Concentrate on what is really important: Content, language style, formulation. The rest is done by our software.

It’s super simple.

ShopTxtr is designed to work intelligently and efficiently. You know Excel? Perfect. Hardly any training and you can work with ShopTxtr. You only need data and content to scale your text creation.


No data theft or data display. No cloud or external software. Just your PC, Excel and a cup of coffee. Save your data locally. Your data is available around the clock.

Learn how to create text automatically.

Voila. You know everthing to boost your business.

Tutorial in English

Tutorial in German

ShopTxtr improves your workflow

We’ll save you hundreds of hours of work a month.