Texts from data.

You automatically create hundreds or thousands of products from data and have more time again.


You can create thousands of texts again and again at any time. There’s no limit. The process is simple and repeatable.

Maximum freedom.

You know Excel? ShopTxtr uses Excel. Fast familiarization, maximum possibilities for text design.

Secure data.

All data, all generated texts and all import files remain on your computer. No cloud. It’s safe.


You can easily insert and edit structured data and create your content.

Helps your business.

To Grow. In just a few steps you have created unique texts and can take care of your marketing.


Get results faster

You run a professional business and want to make a living from it and pay your bills on time. Content is king and especially the creation of many product descriptions, reviews or reports is annoying because the data is standardized – like data.

ShopTxtr saves you time and resources that you can use for other important things: Content marketing, SEO, SEA, operate your other media like Youtube. Or if you work in a reporting company, you can concentrate on reporting, BI or controlling.

In the following we show you again the essential advantages

cost benefit

Significant cost advantages with maximum productivity.

So far: 21 EUR per text

The advantage of ShopTxtr is the possibility to generate many texts. The production can, therefore, be strongly scaled. And all this at comparatively low cost.

The costs that primarily arise are primarily costs for a copywriter:

  • Time to search
  • Content Research
  • Texter for 7 Ct/Word
  • Costs for content maintenance
  • Costs for the input of suitable pictorial material

Let’s assume an online shop with 100,000 products that wants to text its products to 300 words each.
The costs for the texts alone are: 100,000 products x 300 words x 0.07 Ct =2,100,000. That is 21 euros per text.
A realistic value to pay on text platforms or for freelancers.

Read again: 2.1 million EURO

It’s not financially viable. Apart from the fact that the time expenditure has not yet been included.

With ShopTxtr: Only 1,6 Ct per text

ShopTxtr helps you to scale the text creation to save costs. The copywriter should not be replaced, because people write for people and people buy from people. No AI tool is able to integrate personalized speeches beautifully into the text. So are emotions. Nevertheless, everyone is able to create upscaled content. Let’s calculate the cost advantage for once:

Let’s take the example from above: We have an online shop with 100,000 products, which wants to text its products to 300 words each. A copywriter or you create for the setup variable text modules with placeholders – 20,000 words, or 1,400 EUR. In addition, you have to add the purchase price for the premium version of 279 EUR plus their hourly expenditure for content development, planning. These costs are usually not incurred by freelance copywriters. That’s it.

If you take the formula:

Fixed costs + (word price x number of words) / number of texts

you get

279+(0,07 x 20.000 )/100.000 = 0,01679 EUR per text or per product. No matter how many words the text contains. Whether 100 or 10,000.

Not even 1.6 cents per text will be charged. That means with the sale of a product the costs are back in and the break-even is reached. She herself or her copywriter can now concentrate on other qualitatively important things.

time benefit

Save time and money

Time advantage of months

An experienced copywriter can do a good 1,000 words per hour and about 6,000 words per day. So if you need 10,000 product descriptions of 300 words each for your project, the copywriter needs a good 500 days for the 3 million words. That’s 1.36 years if the copywriter works through it. That’s unrealistic and far from practical. The solutions so far have been: We take over texts from manufacturers, engage spiders, teams of authors or agencies.

However, the solutions are not optimal, because texts from the producers are harmful to the SEO, text spinning provides for penalties on the part of Google and the engagement of author teams and agencies is expensive and unacceptable for small and medium-sized enterprises. Especially since under certain circumstances sensitive data has to be released here.

With ShopTxtr everything goes much faster. The copywriter needs two days to familiarize himself with the text, to set it up and to create the text templates. The creation of the texts and the import also take a day. This means that instead of 1.36 years, the creation of the texts only takes 3 days.

3 days!

With ShopTxtr you can easily create texts from data: Ideal for product descriptions, financial reports or match reports. We have also created weather data. If you are a copywriter or if you let a copywriter work with ShopTxtr, you can increase your productivity by 1000%.

text from data.

Increase the quality of your content and reach more visitors.

In detail…

If you have to write many product descriptions, you will soon reach your limits, because there is no getting around the fact that many of these texts are very similar. Especially since you need a good copywriter and it is a lot of manual work. The tool allows the automatic creation of hundreds and thousands of different texts. The variety of the texts (variability) is up to you. The rest of the process can be done automatically with a click. This saves an incredible amount of time and money. Capacities are freed up for other important projects.

ShopTxtr allows the automatic creation of an evaluation template. This evaluation serves shops for the qualitative improvement of the product descriptions. This creates added value and a high-quality density. ShopTxtr is made for diverse product descriptions and thus for online shops, advice portals and niche sites that attach importance to a high-quality density. The application does not end with product descriptions:

  • Shops, niche sites, advice portals
  • Blogs and news sites
  • Weather reports, stock market news, financial news, controlling reports

By using wildcards and the powerful random number generator, an infinite number of variants are possible, which helps to avoid duplicate content and can, therefore, increase the value of the page (ranking, traffic, sales) sustainably. The placeholders can be created individually, which allows maximum freedom in text design.

In detail…

You can create Word files automatically with ShopTxtr. The tool is ideal for new shops that want to create high-quality texts. You can create an infinite number of texts without any extra costs. There is no fee per text. Affiliate shop and counsellor portals ShopTxtr serves the creation of high-quality content for the own users.

We have already been able to create shops with 15,000 products after one week and niche sites with 800 products on 3 days. The creation of the texts themselves did not take a day. ShopTxtr is incredibly scalable and a real secret weapon.

ShopTxtr ist ein Skalierbares Tool, weil es den Prozess der massenhaften Texterstellung beschleunigen kann. Weil das Tool als Basis Excel hat ist die Zeitersparnis für das Einarbeiten und das Verständnis der Funktionsweise gering. In weniger als 30 Minuten versteht man das Prinzip und kann mit dem Tool loslegen. Simplicity rules. Durch die maximale Contentkontrolle hat man größtmögliche Kontrolle bei gleichzeitig einfacher Handhabung:

  • Man bestimmt den Umfang der Texte.
  • Durch die Wahl der Platzhalter, kann man die Texttiefe und die Anzahl der Varianten selbst bestimmen.
  • Man kann einfache Beschreibungen erstellen oder umfangreiche Tests, Reviews oder Hintergrundartikel verfassen.

ShopTxtr hat kaum Grenzen, berechnet keine Folgekosten und erlaubt das schnelleres Aufsetzen von ganzen Webprojekten.


Being scalable means being on a growth course. No problem with ShopTxtr.


ShopTxtr works data-based. Create diverse texts from data. Thousands of times.

In detail…

The basis for working with ShopTxtr is data. You can enter product data, weather data or stock exchange data and create texts from them. You can also improvise and use data via a CSV file so that the production process of your texts is even faster.

Example: An online shop can import an import file from its wholesaler and create individual texts. Adjusting the fields for a smooth import is an easy exercise for most shops. So the shop can quickly adapt its product range.

We have also carried out tests with weather data and stock exchange data. ShopTxtr can also be used as a pure random number generator for codes or licenses without any problems.

Whenever text meets data, ShopTxtr is a cost-effective and efficient solution that is easy to use, reliable and fast. With it you reach

  • a higher text production.
  • faster growth.
  • a higher conversion.

If you want to create texts from data and prefer the easy handling of Excel locally on your computer, ShopTxtr is the means of choice to achieve your goals.

We are the best rated media agency in our region.

Wenn du ein Tool von einem zuverlässigen Partner suchst, bist du hier richtig.


Locally Saved. Stand Alone. No dependency, 100% data control.

In detail…

DSGVO, data protection, data protection law – data security is important. And with ShopTxtr you work locally on the computer. With Excel you don’t need any. You don’t need any further tools and can save your data locally on your own computer. If you want to do it in the cloud, you can also save the data there.

Data security by working locally with a simple tool as a stand-alone solution for maximum success.

Safe and reliable working was important during development. Always at hand and not dependent on the cloud. 100% control.

ShopTxtr works independently from the Internet. You can work independently from anywhere – offline – on your project and copy and save the data everywhere as a CSV with little memory. With this you are

  • Independent of external tools and providers. From external tools and providers.
  • Flexible both in terms of time and location.  Both temporally and locally.
  • Efficient. Create texts with data.

ShopTxtr is a simple solution with maximum effect for your success. With security.

In detail…

ShopTxtr is very easy to use. Because the Toll follows a clear logic and structure. Once you have understood it – have a look at the tutorial and the UseCases – then you work extremely efficient. ShopTxts can be used for all Excel versions from 2000 upwards. The detailed instructions and the video tutorial allow you to get started quickly.

In 15 minutes you can immediately create thousands of texts from data and get closer to your goal.

You can design texts individually – whether 300 words or 5000, whether 5 sections or 27, you decide. By skilfully using placeholders and variances, you can create unique content on a massive scale – that’s not a contradiction in terms!

With ShopTxtr you have no risk because everyone knows Excel and you can usually use it. The logic behind ShopTxtr is easy to understand. You are local and independent because you can use ShopTxtr at any time and from anywhere. You can design your texts as individually as you need them with a clear process and a short training period. About the collection of data, the text design and the export of the finished texts – it’s all up to you!

  • Compatible with WIN calculators and Excel 2000 and later
  • Maximum control of all data and text layout.
  • Test it for free.

Test ShopTxtr risk-free 7 days for free, watch the tutorial beforehand and get started. With ShopTxtr you can reach your goals quickly.

No risk

Simple operation. Local working. Maximum control.


Speed. Efficiency. And the focus on the essentials. And the focus on the essentials without frills.

In detail…

This is ShopTxtr. The tool offers you the possibility to import data in a simple way and to create thousands of texts from it. Due to our optimized code, this is extremely fast and for Excel in a record speed that you certainly do not know.

Create the template for 500 products in less than 54 seconds. Create simple texts for 500 products in less than 5 minutes.

We have limited ShopTxtr to the essentials to make speed with it. The goal is to create a lot in less time. Don’t forget: time is our most precious commodity. Use it orphan. ShopTxtr helps to do this

With data, you can create text at any time and effortlessly. The practical functions in the tool allow the automatic import of data and the export of product data into a CSV file automatically.

  • Capture data in CSV
  • Automatic generation of a CSV file for the import
  • Perfectly suited for all current shops such as WooCommerce.

The magic behind everything are complex algorithms and a sophisticated logic to achieve the goal of an efficient and simple solution for mass text creation from data.