target audience

Target audience

What is the focus in your company at the moment?

  1. Want to create product descriptions for a specific category and avoid duplicate content – and a breakdown?
    Great. ShopTxtr. ShopTxtr can solve your challenge with millions of variations.
  2. Want to set up affiliate shops or a consultant portal for users?
    Great. ShopTxtr can. ShopTxtr can solve your challenge with millions of possible evaluations and high quality content.
  3. You are a copywriter and want to text for online shops?
    Great. ShopTxtr can accept your challenge. You write your high-quality content and ShopTxtr does the rest. Quite simple.


Fill your own shop quickly and easily.

in detail…..

Online shops can create thousands of product descriptions in just a few minutes and fill their shop with them. To do this, the shops import the manufacturer data and enrich it with additional data fields. In addition, the evaluation form helps to create extensive and rich texts by adding adjectives and correlations to the properties from the data feed.

in detail…..

Affiliate marketing thrives on high-quality recommendations that give the user all the necessary background information and compare the price of the products. With ShopTxtr, high-quality and varied texts can be created. This is fast and so simple that entire portals can be created in just a few clicks.
days can be created. Even niche pages are practically finished after one day.

So much added value at such a high speed is currently not available on the market.

Affiliate Marketing

High-quality content. Automatic. Scaled.


From data. Texts. Quite simple.

in detail…..

ShopTxtr is suitable for all types of text that can be created from data. Thus all other data can be used in addition to product data. Above all weather data, financial data or results of football matches, for example, can be captured in the simplest way and combined to the texts.

You don’t have to learn a new program for this application or get used to it intensively. The user interface is familiar to anyone with Excel experience. Due to the freedoms in the evaluation form, it is easy to perform all the evaluations that are necessary. This allows to create from simple to highly complex texts.

We are the best rated media agency in our region.

If you are looking for a tool from a reliable partner, you have come to the right place.


That’s how much we create big agencies.

in detail…..

With ShopTxtr you can create high-quality content. You’re good with language and that’s what your customers love about you. Now you can process large orders in a few days (or one day) and surprise your customers. You can do more, earn more and have time for the things in life that are most important to you.